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Sip on Fifth 2012

Trisha Borges gets her first shot at the wine table near 5th and US 41. Photo / Darryl A. Wells

Trisha Borges gets her first shot at the wine table near 5th and US 41. Photo / Darryl A. Wells

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  • Marilyn Janss is a local Naples business owner who enjoyed the night with friends Shelli Halper, and Mona Brash to left a visitor from the far north in Canada. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • Sugden Plaza was the place for ticket purchases and pick up for wine glasses and information. The event kicked off at 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. with a full night of fun and spirits.
  • This 1960 sky blue Thunderbird Convertible had many drooling for the classic. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • Wine tenders Edward McDermotts and Dennis Lamb of Southern Wine and Spirits of South Florida dished out wines donated by their suppliers for the kick off Sip of Fifth event. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • These patrons took to the streets from music by Mr. and Mrs. Five as they slowed it down with classic 50's and sixties as well as new favorites. Photo / Darryl A. Wells
  • On hand were over sixty wines and craft beers presented at stations the length of 5th avenue presented by suppliers and volunteers from the various contributing businesses. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • Kimla Stewart and Robert Olancin of Argentine Tango by Pablo Rep'un, danced the night away at their corner on the 500th block. Photo / Darryl A. Wells
  • Little Layla while visiting from Chicago made her visit with Grandmother and parents at Sip of Fifth. Photo / Darryl A. Wells
  • Singer from the band Radio Flyer had the crowd dancing in the streets during Sip of Fifth. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • Keating Associates event volunteers and employees Bruce Farrell, Geri Howard and Maggie Catahoula man the wine glass table. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • A 1930 Ford Model A was a highlight of the antique cars on display for the event. Photo /Darryl A. Wells
  • Trisha Borges gets her first shot at the wine table near 5th and US 41. Photo / Darryl A. Wells
  • Shannon Livingston liked a few and dumped a few while tasting at this wine station. Photo / Darryl A. Wells
  • Pucci and Catana pet caretaker Ashley Johanning escorts Maggie in her yellow sun dress. Photo / Darryl A. Wells

Eat, drink and be merry. As promised the Sip of Fifth on Fifth Avenue South Wine and Craft Beer Tasting event brought a night of dancing, drinking, and fun for downtown Naples patrons. The event marks the opening of the 2012 Naples CityFest celebration, a program to highlight and celebrate the many Naples area business, cultural, artistic, social, and other unique outlets, venues, and offerings for visitors and residents alike. The event ran from 6-10 with all of Fifth Avenue and its business involved.

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