News Quiz: Feb. 19, 2012 ... New wing; local golf figure; price of bananas

1. A new wing was added to the high school at:

a. Community School of Naples

b. First Baptist Academy

c. Seacrest

2. What is the nickname of headquarters for a new regional crime-fighting effort?

a. SWF Busters

b. fusion center

c. top cop shop

3. Four people from what state were killed in a two-car crash near Everglades City?

a. Illinois

b. New York

c. Pennsylvania

4. Five others died in traffic accidents across Southwest Florida. All of them were:

a. on motorcycles

b. children

c. pedestrians

5. What is the nickname of the beloved local golf figure who, despite repeated bouts with cancer, played in the ACE Group Classic pro-am?

a. Disco Dave

b. Divot Dan

c. Fairway Frank

6. The new non-emergency social-service information phone service in Collier County goes by what numbers?

a. 811

b. 711

c. 211

7. Major League pitcher Chris Resop of Naples had his number retired by what local high school?

a. Naples

b. Barron Collier

c. Lely

8. How much do bananas cost at Trader Joe's?

a. market price; it depends

b. always 69 cents a pound

c. always 19 cents apiece

9. A Naples woman will be a contestant on the "Worst --- in America'' TV show?

a. Lawyers

b. Mothers

c. Cooks

10. Bonita Springs City Council will be scrutinizing what sport?a. shark fishing

b. mud ATVs

c. soccer

Answers: 1.a; 2.b ; 3.c ; 4.c ; 5.a 6.c 7.b 8.c 9.c 10.a

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